MusicNet licenses over 1 million DRM-free songs

MusicNet may not be a household name like the iTunes Store or the Zune Marketplace but its latest announcement may help it carve out a bigger pie of the digital music market. It just announced that it will be able to offer more than one million DRM-free tracks to its partners in the third quarter. Partners essentially rebrand content and white-label technologies offered by the company.

Aside from a number of independent labels such as Righteous Babe, Nettwerk, Madacy, and Nitro, MusicNet now also has “Big Five” EMI Music onboard. EMI announced its move into DRM-free music earlier this year and already partners with iTunes.

MusicNet will offer the tracks in MP3 format at a higher sound quality. Pricing for songs and albums was not disclosed.

Source: TG Daily

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