Nemo digital magnifier

Nemo digital magnifier

While it may be easy to increase the font size on our electronic gadgets, the same cannot be said for newspapers, medicine bottles, books or price tags. If a magnifying glass is too low-tech, the Nemo hand-held magnifier could be for you. This digital magnifier works a bit like a camera: Hold it over the text you want to read and push a button. A magnified version of the text will appear on its 4-inch anti-glare display.

The Nemo features magnification between 4x and 9x, 6 viewing modes (including colour and black and white modes), three hours of battery life (hopefully enough for your shopping expeditions), tactile controls for ease of use, and more.

The Nemo has at least one drawback. It costs US$899! Ouch, that’s a few pairs of new glasses or plenty of magnifying glasses!

Source: Coolest Gadgets

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