New Apple tablet rumours


Are you tired of our Canadian iPhone rumours? How about a new rumour about the Apple tablet instead? The UK edition of CNET is reporting that ASUS and Apple are working on an Apple Tablet PC.

A few weeks ago we were having a civilised dinner with our friends at Asus and angling for cool stories when we were told in a very hushed manner: “Asus is helping Apple build a Tablet PC.”

According to the article, the Apple Tablet is a completely new design rather than one based on other ASUS tablets. CNet goes on to conjecture that the tablet would run on an Intel Core architecture, an enhanced version of Leopard, and feature the same kind of multi-touch technology already in use on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Apple also holds some patents (including D504,899 that describes a handheld computer without the traditional keyboard) that could shed light on the direction that Apple is going into with its tablet.

Will we see an Apple Tablet at MacWorld 2008? Just perhaps…

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