New devices coming according to latest HTC roadmap


The latest HTC roadmap shows a number of devices we already knew were coming but also some new ones. So let’s dive in and have a look.

There are two CDMA devices. Both support EV-DO rev. A. The HTC S640 (codename Iris) is a variant of the Excalibur with a 400MHz Qualcomm processor. The Vogue is a variant of the HTC Touch.

On the GSM side, we have the HTC P5500 (Nike) Windows Mobile 6 Professional slider, HTC Kaiser, HTC Volans (an HSDPA version of the HTC S710/Vox), HTC Polaris (the HTC Artemis successor?), HTC X9500 (Shangri-La) which looks a lot like the Shift (but offering both Vista and Windows Mobile 6 Professional – I want to know if you get a choice or does it work with both?) and the HTC P6550 (Sedna). This last one is interesting as it comes with a backpack with credit card reader, both GSM and CDMA and an extended battery.

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