New Google mobile search service


Google has updated its mobile search engine with improved algorithms and the use of users’ locations to deliver more relevant search results.

According to Google, the new service also lets you customize the page to meet your needs. It comes with what Google calls gadgets, including movie listings, stock-market updates, website feeds and news snippets, that you can organize as you see fit. A redesigned user interface lets you select recent search locations from a drop down to minimize data entry (often difficult on the small and cramped mobile device keyboards).

The refined search will also return more targeted results based on criteria like your location. For example, searching for a restaurant in Toronto will not return results for other cities. The algorithm will also determine what kind of a search you are doing (eg, for a web site or a specific location). Where possible, it will point you to a mobile version of web sites (designated by a a small phone symbol next to the link).

You still have to specify locations as the search does not make use of your device’s GPS (if it comes with it) and it is missing some functions (eg, calculations and conversions) found on its big brother.

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