New HP Windows Mobile devices coming


Things have been quiet over at HP since the release of the iPAQ Voice Messenger 500 series. But that’s about to change. Plans are afoot to release a flurry of new devices in several families, according to French site The new lines, ranging from series 100 up to 900, will feature the new naming convention started with the iPAQ 500 series.

  • The 100 series will consist of classic PDAs with no mobile phone functionality.
  • The 200 series will feature devices with GPS, replacing the current iPAQ rx4700 and rx5900 lineups.
  • The 300 series will be aimed at business professionals and will feature VGA screens.
  • The already announced 500 series consists of smartphones without 3G.
  • The 600 series will add 3G capabilities as well as integrated GPS and a numeric keypad.
  • At the top of the iPAQ food chain and replacing the HW6900 series, the 900 series will feature the most powerful devices with QWERTY keyboards, Wi-Fi, and integrated GPS.

HP is expected to announce these new products in September with street dates closer to the end of the year.

Source: Coolest Gadgets

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