Next Windows Mobile version coming in 2008

Microsoft Windows Mobile

Mobius 2007, a Microsoft Windows Mobile event attended by bloggers and online writers, just wrapped up in Amsterdam and the::unwired has a good overview of what was covered at this year’s event. One of the highlights was that attendees got a taste of the next version of Windows Mobile. This is not the much anticipated Photon (also known as Windows Mobile 7) release. Instead it will be more of an update to Windows Mobile 6. Think of it as Windows Mobile 6.1 (although that may not be the final name for it).

Most details about what it will include are wrapped up in NDAs but the release has been described as more of an update than a major new release. It should come with plenty enhancements and bug fixes but we will have to wait a while longer to find out exactly what those will be.

The next Windows Mobile operating system will be delivered to manufacturers in the first quarter of 2008 and we should see the first devices using it out in the Q2 or Q3 timeframe next year. Upgrades (should there be any) for existing devices will, as usual, be left up to the manufacturers.

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