No iPhone pre-sales

Apple iPhone

According to an AT&T internal pre-launch sales brief leaked to The Boy Genius, there will no pre-sales for the Apple iPhone (no waiting lists and no pre-sells). Get ready for the press coverage of lineups outside stores and eBay auctions going for astronomic amounts of money!

The brief also offers some key selling points, including the gems “Internet in your pocket” and “Advanced software 5 years ahead of any phone.” Isn’t that going overboard a bit?

Pricing for the two models will be $499 USD for the 4GB and $599 USD for the 8GB model. AT&T employees are advised not to have any “additional speculation/discussion about pricing.”

The launch date remains a bit of a mystery. We know that AT&T has informed its employees that it is expected to be June 15 but this latest memo suggests that the exact date has not been set.

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