Nokia 770 Internet Tablet successor gets a name

The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet’s successor will be known as the N800. When pictures were leaked earlier, the rumour was that it would be called the 870. So, it appears that Nokia has had a change of heart, preferring to add an N to the model number, presumably to add it to its high-end N series (where you’ll find the N93 and N80 devices).

If rumours are true, the N800 will come with a new VGA webcam (that protrudes from the left side), an internal memory increase to 180MB (I’ve also seen reference to 128MB RAM and 256MB ROM), a miniSD slot and an integrated stand. The operating system is expected the Internet 2006 Linux OS (or perhaps the 2007 version?) with additional VOIP functions. It should also pack stereo speakers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a miniSD slot.

If specs remain a bit hazy at this time, you can still check out the unboxing of the device at the ‘More information’ link.

The Nokia N800 should be formally announced during CES.

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