O2 Germany Windows Mobile 6 upgrades for Xda orbit and trion

With HTC announcing Windows Mobile 6 upgrades for a number of devices including the HTC P3300 (codenamed Artemis) and HTC TyTN (codenamed Hermes), it’s not a big surprise to see carrier-branded versions also getting the upgrades. Case in point are O2 Germany’s Xda orbit (the HTC P3300) and Xda trion (HTC TyTN). The upgrades will be available via download shortly, according to the information on the web pages for each product (Xda orbit and Xda trion).

O2 Germany has not confirmed upgrade plans for the Xda cosmos which is receiving an upgrade from HTC directly (as the S620) and T-Mobile (as the Dash). I would be surprised if O2 did not follow suit.

Source: the::unwired