Online Windows Mobile Training from Microsoft

Windows Mobile

So you have a new Windows Mobile device and want to learn how to make the best use of it. Head over to the Microsoft Windows Mobile Training to find interactive online courses, downloadable sales tools, and mobile device news.

Among the courses, you will find topics such Windows Mobile 6 Level 1, ActiveSync Level 1 and Level 2, Windows Vista and Windows Mobile Device Center as well as courses specific to some devices such as the Blackjack, Motorola Q and the Audiovox 6700.

There are even a Windows Mobile Training Specialist and a Windows Mobile Training Small Business Specialist designations that you can obtain if you complete the requisite courses(10 in all with six for the former and 4 for the latter). When you pass the Specialist test, you may download a certificate that recognizes your achievement. Even better: The courses required for Specialist status provide you a high level of Windows Mobile platform knowledge and selling skills.

Note: You need to have a Windows Live ID to take advantage of this site.

Source: Pocket PC Paradise

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