Pay what you can for Radiohead In Rainbows

The latest album from Radiohead is out. “In Rainbows” is the band’s seventh album and features 10 tracks. What is particularly interesting about this is that Radiohead will only offer the album through their web site and it is up to customers to decide how much to pay for the album. You may decide to pay nothing at all or up to £100.

The album is also available as a Discbox which will include not only the CD but also a vinyl record version, an enhanced CD with more songs and digital photos and artwork in a slipcase. The Discbox is available for pre-order for £40 and will ship in December.

I’m sure that the record industry is watching this very closely as Radiohead has managed to completely cut out the middleman (the labels) from the distribution of this album. And with other bands like Nine Inch Nails also severing ties with their label, we could see more albums offered like this.

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