Philips Xenium NRG can run on AAA battery

Philips Xenium NRG

Philips has partnered with Energizer and Techtium to unveil the Xenium NRG, a mobile phone that can run on AAA batteries. Using a technology called BackuPower, the phone’s standard lithium-ion battery is complemented by an additional compartment that will accept any type of standard sized AAA battery (for example, alkaline, NiMH rechargeable or the Energize e2 Lithium battery). With this added power, users can continue to enjoy mobile multimedia such as listening to FM radio, playing music, making video recordings and taking pictures. Heavy phone users can now have the reassurance they need that their phones can be instantly powered-up by simply inserting a single AAA battery, readily available anywhere.

A single AAA battery can provide up to 3 hours of talk time and 1 week of standby time.

Philips did not disclose when the Xenium NRG would be available and for how much.

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