PortaWhiz launches secure Info Manager and FTP client

Portawhiz is a new company with a focus on the growing demand for software that will let users increase increase their functionality and fun-tionality with mobile devices. Their first two products are the PortaWhiz Info Manager and PortaWhiz FTP Client.

The PortaWhiz Info Manager lets you organize and securely store important, personal, and sensitive information in a strongly encrypted database. It supports multiple databases so that you can have different ones for different purposes. It comes with a personal computer version as well so that you can have the same information wherever you are without having to resort to two programs.

The PortaWhiz FTP Client is, as the name implies, an FTP client for your Pocket PC device. It comes with features like drag and drop support, copy and paste support, both passive and active transfer modes, the ability to change file and directory security settings (CHMOD), the ability to perform recursive downloads, and more. It also comes bundled with a free desktop version.

PortaWhiz Info Manager is available for $14.95 USD from our affiliate Clickapps. PortaWhiz FTP Client is also available for $14.95 USD from our affiliate Clickapps. Trial versions for both softwares are available.