RIM to buy MusicGremlin?

MusicGremlin MG-1000

CrunchGear is reporting that it has heard a rumour that Research In Motion (RIM) is about to buy MusicGremlin. The rumour reads: I heard from a **highly credible** authority that RIM will be buying MusicGremlin… so look for a Blackberry-WiFi enabled music player mashup coming soon. No other details are available.

MusicGremlin is a service that lets you download music directly to your device, including over Wi-Fi. Customers can buy individual songs ($0.99 USD) and albums or sign up for an "all-you-can-hear" subscription plan ($14.99 USD a month). It also lets you share music with other subscribers. The MusicGremlin MG-1000 player comes with 8GB of storage and Wi-Fi for $249 USD.

So, is RIM about to throw its hat into the digital music download space?

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