Samsung unveils double-sided LCD screen

Samsung has invented an LCD panel that can display different images on the front and back sides of an LCD display. Double-sided LCD panels are not new but earlier versions could only display the reverse of the image on the back panel. At the heart of this new display is the double-gate TFT architecture. Samsung’s new double-sided LCD has two gates that operate each pixel instead of one, so the screen on the front can display different images than the one on the back.

The 2.22-inch wide and 2.6mm thick display features QVGA resolution, a brightness value of 250 nits for the front and 100 nits for the rear display, and requires only one backlight. You will be able to see it for yourself at CES 2007.

Mass production will begin in the first half of 2007. has quite a few pictures of the prototype.

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