Share your GPS info with your friends with Navideo 2.0


If your Windows Mobile device comes with GPS, you know exactly where you are at any time. With Navideo 2.0, you can now easily forward this information to others so that they know where you are as well. Navideo is a multi purpose application for your PDA and PC that combines navigation with mobile communication. Exchange your GPS location with others by clicking just one button! This can be useful in everything from the mundane (like meeting up with friends) to emergencies (like where your car broke down).

Navideo 2.0 comes with features like

  • the ability to send maplinks via instant messaging, email or SMS
  • the ability to receive coordinates from others and use them as a destination
  • the ability to work with TomTom, GoogleMaps and other navigation software
  • a speedometer that shows your driving time, distance, speed and other stats
  • up to 20 SMS numbers stored in a Friendlist
  • And still more

Navideo 2.0 comes in different versions including a free basic edition. The Pro version adds features like SMS and email messaging and increased precision to 10 meters (from 100 meters) for 39€. At the top of the range is the Ultimate version for 599€.

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