SkweezeIt Freeware from John Cody

John Cody wrote SkweezeIt! to address an annoyance of his: I was tired of reading the brief summaries often found in RSS feeds. To read the full details of a story, you often have to click the “Read More Online…” link at the bottom of the RSS summary, but these links often point to a full-size webpage which can be very painful to load into Pocket Internet Explorer. Gadgetorama is guilty of this offense so this utility could be quite useful until I find the time to revamp the site to be more mobile device-friendly.

His application solves the problem by intercepting a request to launch Pocket Internet Explorer and asking the user if they want to Skweeze it? If the answer is yes, the request will be passed to Skweezer so that it can be formatted for a mobile device. If not, it will simply let the request to launch PIE go ahead.

Note that this useful little program will require that you edit your registry file. If you’re not comfortable doing that, leave a note in the forums to convince John to turn this into a fully packaged application with desktop installer, CAB file and the support you have come to expect from OMNISOFT.

SkweezeIt! works on both Windows Mobile smartphones and Pocket PCs with versions 2003 and up.

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