Sony announces new 40GB PS3 and lower price for 80GB version

Sony PlayStation 3

Sony Computer Entertainment America announced that it will introduce a new 40GB version of its PlayStation 3 console. It has also reduced the price of the 80GB version from US$599 to US$499 (same price in Canada), the price at which the older 60GB version sold earlier. With the 40GB version already announced in Europe and Japan, this news was not a big surprise.

The new 40GB PS3 will come bundled with Spider-Man 3 on a Blu-Ray disc for US$399 (CAD$399). Unlike the 80GB version though, it will not be able to play PlayStation 2 games, a move Sony explains by saying that this reflects the availability of a more extensive line-up of PS3 specific titles. I’m sure that the removal of both the Emotion Engine and Graphics Synthesizer also allowed Sony to save a few dollars on each unit. The 40GB version will also come with two fewer USB ports and will not have a memory card reader.

The 40GB PS3 will be available starting on November 2nd while the 80GB price drop is effective immediately.

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