Spb Software House announces Spb Traveler

Spb Traveler

Spb Softwware House has announced its latest title for Windows Mobile devices. Spb Traveler 1.0 is an application designed for travelers. Nowadays mobile devices are powerful minicomputers that assist users in many ways. Traveling is definitely a field where a user can get maximum of his Windows Mobile device powered with proper software. A traveler will always have to face things like local time estimation, weather forecasts, currency, unit and clothing size conversion, city guides, planning of international calls and meetings, multi-connection trans-continental flights.

Spb Traveler 1.0 features a world time clock so that you know the exact time in over 10,000 cities and can plan your international meetings appropriately. It also comes with a weather forecast utility for cities of your choice, a currency and unit converter, a clothing size converter, a tip calculator, a flight assistant that lets you save and easily share your trip schedule, a Today plug-in, and more.

Spb Traveler 1.0 is available for US$29.95 from our affiliate Clickapps. A trial version is also available. If you are a registered user of Spb Weather 1.X or Spb Time 2.X, you can purchase Spb Traveler 1.0 for US$15.00.

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