Spb Software House releases Spb Wallet

Spb Wallet

Spb Software House has announced its latest application, Spb Wallet to keep your important information safe and secure. Spb Wallet keeps all of your most valuable information encrypted using strong AES 256bit algorithm which is recommended by US Government for secret and top secret information. Additional features like automatic clipboard cleanup, a special logon panel and program auto-lock helps to protect your data against potential side channel attacks. It can be used to provide secure storage for personal information like passwords, credit cards, serial numbers, and accounts.

It features a companion desktop PC program and a synchronization module. The desktop version can also import data from other wallets and features an Internet Explorer toolbar (What, no Firefox extension?). Spb Wallet also supports smart tag technology and comes with 60 predefined templates.

Spb Wallet is available for US$29.95 from our affiliate Clickapps. A trial version is also available.

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