Still more Zune details from iLounge

Microsoft Zune

Just call me a glutton for punishment. iLounge has a little bit more information about that new Zune preview that took place on Monday. Apparently, not one but two Zunes were unveiled to a select audience. The first is the widely expected Flash-based Zune. Slightly larger than an iPod nano, it was described as not bad. The second Zune presented is a new hard drive-based model with a bigger display and additional storage capacity.

Interestingly, Microsoft was not too thrilled with the fact that iLounge was getting information from the meeting. During that event, the company put an image of the iLounge web site up on a big screen and, we’re told, hassled the developers there for leaking Zune information to us (and presumably others). When our mid-day update appeared, noting that the preview event was underway, that apparently caused another fuss.

Street dates and pricing details were not disclosed.

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