The best cell phones according to Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports has put out its list of the best cell phones and carriers of the year (Subscription required). Among the general trends it observed this year are the growing use of QWERTY keyboards on smartphones and Wi-Fi , more music features and camera improvements (including high-grade lenses, autofocus, zoom, and brightness controls).

Some 40 phones were reviewed and the T-Mobile Motorla V195 was rated as the best one with a score of 68 out of 100. Right behind it were the AT&T Samsung Sync SGH-A707 and the Sony Ericsson W810i (also on the AT&T network).

Smartphones were rated separately and the Apple iPhone came out on top with a score of 64 (out of 100). In second place was the Palm Treo 755p and in third came the Samsung BlackJack.

On the carrier side, Verizon Wireless was ranked top in 16 markets (out of 20).

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