The latest iPod rumours


Think Secret is reporting that the upcoming iPod refresh will take place in early August (perhaps on the 7th?) but will not feature touchscreens or devices powered by a scaled down version of Mac OS X. Instead, Apple will announce iPods with slightly different form factors and an updated iPod OS.

The new iPod (the sixth generation or 6G) will apparently be about 3 centimeters shorter (1-inch) while retaining the same 320×240 display and current clickwheel design. The black version will also be less glossy than it currently is. We could also see different colours (as Apple offers today with the iPod nano).

The new iPods will also feature an updated iPod OS which bears some influences from the iPhone operating system.

As for the touchscreen iPod and Mac OS X operating system, it looks like we will have to wait until 2008.

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