UMPCs to spawn MIDs?

Intel Mobile Internet Device

The Intel Developer Forum will take place April 17 and 18 in China.

During the conference, it appears that Intel will propose a new class of devices called MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices). Essentially, MIDs are Intel’s idea for a category of consumer and prosumer UMPCs. They would focus on three types of usage patterns: Stay in Touch, Be Entertained, and Access Info & Locate. All would feature 4-6 inch screens but would be tweaked to their primary roles. For example, Be Entertained models would feature bright, high resolution screens, game control buttons and support for mobile TV. The Access Info & Locate would come with GPS and location ID, an FM tuner for real-time traffic, location-based services and maps and always available connectivity.

Intel further suggests that these MIDs would run Linux or an embedded OS, leaving Windows to the UMPC class. Advantages would include a relatively small memory footprint, instant-on capabilities and the ability to leverage open source projects. And it so happens that Intel has something in the wings that would fit this bill. Called RedFlag MIDINUX, a first version will be available in May.

While I don’t disagree with the idea of devices focused on a set of related functionalities, do we really need yet another name for all these devices?

All the presentations are available online and the information above was pulled from those. Happy reading!

Source: UMPC Portal