Update on new HP iPAQ delays

HP iPAQ 210 Enterprise PDA

Late last week, rumours began to float around that HP was delaying a number of iPAQs. Brighthand has done some digging and an HP spokesperson confirmed that the iPAQ 210 was indeed delayed. Apparently, vendor supply issues are the reason that the iPAQ 210 will be delayed.

When the rumour broke, the iPAQ 110 was also reported as delayed. But fortunately for those who are waiting for this unit, the rumours are wrong. The iPAQ 110 has begun to ship from the Asian manufacturer and should be available through HP channels soon.

When I checked the HP US site, one page still shows the iPAQ 210 as shipping on 10/27. The product page lists it as Coming in 2008. Take those shipment dates with a huge grain of salt. More interesting though, the price has gone up from the original USD$399 to USD449 (And if you look at the URL itself , it shows a LowPrice=$399.00 parameter. Strange…

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