WebIS updates FlexMail 2007

FlexMail 2007

WebIS has not only updated Pocket Informant 2007 but also FlexMail 2007, its email client (supporting POP3/IMAP4 SMTP accounts)for Pocket PC devices. Revision 2 contains some updates of note, including Smartphone support, full IMAP IDLE support (Direct Email Push), and some major reliability improvements. It’s a whole new FlexMail in more ways than ever before.

The complete list of enhancements and bug fixes is quite long. FlexMail 2007 Rev 2 is also compatible with Windows Mobile 6.

FlexMail 2007 Rev 2 is available for $29.95 USD from our affiliate PocketGear. A trial version is also available. Current FlexMail 2007 users can upgrade for free.

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