Weekday fun: Maggot Attack Pinball

Maggot Attack Pinball

How can you resist a game that goes by the name of Maggot Attack Pinball? Leaving the name alone for just a moment, the game promises an authentic Pinball game combined with digital extras possible only in a video game. As a hired Mercenary Hunter working for the Federation Army, your job is to eliminate a new breed of Alien Maggots that are trying to take over the planet, and rack up as many points as possible!

The game features the traditional flippers, bumpers, slingshots, and other features of traditional pinball games, a physics engine that promises realistic play, quests and mini-games, support for both d-pad and on-screen controls and more.

Maggot Attack Pinball is available for $19.95 USD from our affiliate Clickgamer. A trial version is also available if you weren’t instantly sold by that name.

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