Weekend fun: Ardennes 1944

Ardennes 1944

Ardennes 1944 puts you in charge of US or German troops during the Ardennes campaign of World War 2. You will have a chance to run through 15 scenarios (and play either side) that use historical maps. Can you win the race to the Meuse river as the German commander? Will you save Bastogne from being captured by the Germans?

Among the features you will find are an AI that promises to be difficult to beat, a variety of Allied and German weapons, vehicles and other equipment, dynamic weather that will affect unit capabilities and more.

Ardennes 1944 for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices is available from our affiliate PocketGear. A separate version is available for Windows Mobile 2003 devices. Trial versions are also available.

Note: Support for VGA and square display devices will be available later this month.

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