Weekend fun: Karateka for PalmOS devices


Finding Karateka on the Clickgamer web site brought back memories of playing the original game on an Apple II. At the time, the game impressed many with its fluid animation and immersive music. Now, Karateka is back for the Palm OS. The Karateka plot is as simple as an action game plot needs to be: the evil Akuma (translated evil spirit) had captured the beautiful princess Mariko. Our hero (that is you) happens to be in love with her and brave enough to run for a rescue mission. To get to his beloved, he must fight his way to Akuma’s lair and defeat him.

Karateka features opponents of increasing skill, the same graphics and animation as the original, both button or keyboard control, support for both colour and black and white devices, and the original game music.

Karateka is available for $10.00 USD from our affiliate Clickgamer for the PalmOS. A trial version is also available.

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