Weekend fun: Rabbit Wars

Rabbit Wars

It’s time to separate the real rabbits from the bunnies, because on Hare Hill, there’s no place for Fluffy and his bunch! Rabbit Wars is a turn-based strategy game where you lead an army of “lean mean rabbit machines” in a war against enemy rabbits. You’ll need every dirty tactical trick in the book, to out-smart and out-manoeuvre your enemy. Think fast, strike hard, and don’t take prisoners!

The game features 10 different battlefields, a variety of units and vehicles including bazooka and mortar bunnies, 3 levels of difficulty for single player mode, 2 player Duel mode, and more. It is available for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone devices.

Rabbit Wars is available for USD$19.99 from our affiliate Pocketgear. A trial version is also available.

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