Weekend fun: Warriors


Do you think you have what it takes to earn the title of Wargod? Warriors from Enigma Game will let you answer that question. For centuries, a civilization on Bors has collided on a quest for dominance and prestige in the Annual Tournament of Gods. Your four warrior team will challenge and hopefully defeat other teams on your way to the ultimate prize.

The game is turn-based and features 3 difficulty levels, over 130 fighters to choose from. There are 12 character classes and 4 methods of attack and defence so you will need to plan your team carefully. There are also 16 unlockable hidden teams. Gameplay consists of a tournament with a number of rounds. Practice matches are available for beginners.

Warriors is available for $9.95 USD for Pocket PC devices (as well as other operating systems) from our affiliate Clickgamer. A trial version (allowing one round in both practice and tournament modes) is also available.

A word of warning: A Pocketgamer review of this game identifies some issues with this game. More than usual, I suggest you try the demo before you buy the game.

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