When will the iPhone land in Canada?

Gadgetorama has a worldwide audience but I live in Canada. When the Apple unveiled its iPhone, my first question was “When will it arrive in Canada?” We know that the iPhone is expected to hit the US market in June with Europe to follow later this year and Asia next year. The expectation for Canada is late 2007 or early 2008, according to industry observers. That assumes that Apple will resolve issues like lawsuits (Cisco) or potential lawsuits (Canada-based Comwave Telecom Inc. owns an iPhone trademark and Nortel Networks owns a visual voicemail service remarkably similar to that unveiled by Apple).

One potential benefit of any delays could be that Canada would not see the first generation phone. If Apple does release new iPhones by the end of the year, we could see those here instead. And they would hopefully get around some of the limitations of the first iPhone (lack of 3G, exclusive phone contracts, the sealed-in battery, and the price among others).

Rogers which is GSM-based has not indicated whether or not they would carry the iPhone.

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