Wibree Forum joins Bluetooth SIG

The Wibree Forum backed by Nokia joined the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) yesterday With this announcement, the Wibree specification will become part of the Bluetooth specification as an ultra low power Bluetooth technology. Because Wibree addresses devices with very low battery capacity and can be easily integrated with Bluetooth technology, it will round out Bluetooth technology’s wireless Personal Area Networking (PAN) offering and strengthen the technology’s ability to provide wireless connectivity for smaller devices. Wibree devices can go as long as a year without recharging.

The addition of Wibree to the Bluetooth standard will allow it to expand to new device types such as watches and toys.

The first draft of the new specification is expected in the first half of 2008. Like the current specification, the new one will be available royalty-free to members via the Bluetooth SIG qualification program.

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