Widescreen iPod and Tablet Mac coming?


MacScoop is reporting that we have not seen the last of Apple’s new multi-touch technology and stripped-down Mac OS X operating system. Aside from the iPhone, expect it to turn up in the much-rumoured widescreen iPod as well as a MacTablet and possibly other devices.

The widescreen iPod is apparently in the final stages of development and could be available before the iPhone. Apparently, it will feature either 80GB or 100GB of hard drive-based storage and battery life on par with current video-enabled iPods. The interface should be very similar to that of the iPhone’s music controls. Whether it will be true widescreen (16:9 ratio) or the 1.5:1 aspect ratio used by the iPhone remains to be seen.

Such a widescreen iPod is expected to have a price between that of the top of the current iPod range and the iPhone.

Furthermore, a tablet Mac is expected in 2008. It should feature a large display, the multi-touch technology and Wi-Fi but it could all change given it is still in development. Again, a variant of Mac OS X would be used.

Let the rumours for MacWorld 2008 begin!

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