Xbox Live Video Marketplace arrives in Canada and Europe

Apple was not the only company opening up its digital content store Canada this week. Earlier in the week, Microsoft opened its Xbox Live Video Marketplace to Canada as well as France, Germany, Ireland and the UK. Much like the Apple catalog, the Microsoft catalog is much smaller than it is in the United States.

Like Apple, Microsoft promises to update the Marketplace with new movies as quickly as it can. So far though, you can pick from movies such as 300, Ocean’s 13, License to Wed and Air Guitar Nation. Movies will be offered in both standard definition and high definition with the latter being slightly more expensive (310 Microsoft Points or about CAD$5 compared to 460 Microsoft points or about CAD$7.40 for HD). But unlike Apple, the Xbox Live Video Marketplace only allows you to rent the movies. These remain active only for 24 hours after you have hit play. With iTunes, you own the purchased content and can play it as often as you want.

The Xbox Live Video Marketplace does not currently offer TV shows (but then iTunes does not offer movies).