17-inch MacBook Pro refresh due in upcoming months


When Apple unveiled its new notebooks a couple of days ago, there was a lack of news about the 17-inch MacBook Pro. Apple did indicate that it had also received a small refresh but these did not include any of the new features (unibody aluminium enclosure, glass display, glass trackpad, and dual graphics cards) new that had been unveiled. But there is good news: AppleInsider has learned that a more substantial upgrade will happen in the upcoming months.

It appears that the delay is due to technical issues and that they are significant enough to delay manufacturing.

AppleInsider has also received information that the new 17-inch models are currently undergoing testing at Apple’s labs and that they are very similar to the 15-inch MacBook Pro models but slightly larger (as you would expect with the larger display).

If you have your heart set on a 17-inch MacBook Pro with the new features, you have a few more months to save up!

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