40 percent smartphone marketshare for Windows Mobile by 2012?

Microsoft is looking to grow its Windows Mobile smartphone marketshare to 40 percent by 2012, according to Eddie Wu, managing director of Microsoft OEM Embedded Devices, Asia. Microsoft’s strength lies with its 50 or so device manufacturers. When they develop a successful device (like HTC has done with its Touch family), Microsoft reaps the benefits.

While there is no question that Microsoft has seen significant growth recently (up from 11 million to nearly 20 million devices in fiscal year 2008), it is facing a number of competitors, including Nokia with its dominant marketshare, RIM’s BlackBerry and the relative newcomer Apple iPhone. And Google’s open-source Android mobile operating system is also set to step into the fray later this year. ABI Research estimates that as much of 20 percent of the mid- to high-end mobile handset market could run on Linux by 2013.

Wu went on to indicate that Microsoft is focused on promoting Windows Mobile 6.1 and that Microsoft will not launch Windows Mobile 7 until 2009. This statement conflicts with a recent MWg product roadmap that shows Windows Mobile 7 on at least one device as early as the end of the year.

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