Another update for Pointui Home

Pointui Home

Pointui has updated Home again. Home is a free replacement Windows Mobile interface designed with controls large enough to manage with your finger or your d-pad. Home is designed to allow easy viewing of critical information on one screen with quick access for locking the device, changing sound profiles, wireless, battery and general settings. It features an Applet Ribbon to let you easily access applications like tasks, appointments, and weather updates.

Version 1.51a comes with an updated look, new customization options and bug fixes. The forum notes also indicate that the Update Manager has been removed. It is currently available for Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6 devices with QVGA screens (screen resolutions supported: 240×240, 240×320 and 320×240).

Home is available for free from our affiliate Clickapps. While free, the Pointui site suggests that there will be a version for sale later on (presumably with extra features like theme colours and user backgrounds.

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