Apple Canada stores will not carry the iPhone 3G [Updated]

Apple iPhone 3G

It would appear that the spat between Apple and Rogers Wireless has escalated again. On the weekend, rumours surfaced that Apple was none too pleased with Rogers Wireless and the pricing plans introduced for the Apple iPhone 3G. As a result, Apple decided to curtail marketing activities and diverted iPhone stock from Canada to Europe.

Now, Apple Insider reports that Apple will go as far as not sell the iPhone 3G in its retail stores in Canada. An Apple representative confirmed this move during a private conference call on Monday evening. At least one Apple retail store has also confirmed the news. While customers will see the iPhone 3G on demo at the Apple stores, they will only be able to buy it at Rogers stores.

If this is all true, will Rogers blink or will it simply divert its attention to marketing other devices (such as the upcoming BlackBerry Bold)?

Update: Chalk this one up as nothing more than rumour. It turns out that Apple will not sell the iPhone 3G through its retail locations anywhere in the world except the U.S. So while it’s true that you will not be able to buy an iPhone at a Canadian Apple store, it has nothing to do with any rumoured spat between Apple and Rogers over the latter’s service plan pricing.

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