Apple confirms that iPhone 2.0.2 firmware upgrade contains 3G fix

Apple iPhone 3G

In an interview with USA Today, Apple confirmed that the iPhone 2.0.2 firmware improves communication with 3G networks.. The Apple spokesperson did not provide specific details as to what the issue and the fix could be.

The firmware was released as complaints about the iPhone 3G’s reception grew to include even carriers (like T-Mobile Netherlands and Vodafone Australia) squarely pointing the finger at Apple. Complaints included inconsistent Internet connection speeds, dropped calls or failed connections and service downgrades from 3G to EDGE even in areas that ought to be covered by 3G.

There has been speculation that the 3G chipset provided by Infineon Technologies could be the cause of the issue. Another theory suggests that Apple had set the threshold at which the iPhone 3G switches from a weak 3G signal to a stronger EDGE signal at too low a level, prompting the iPhone to drop connections even when a weak 3G signal would still provide better speed than a 2G signal.

It remains unclear whether the firmware has resolved the issue or if Apple is facing a bigger issue.

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