Apple planning iPod nano and touch updates?

Rumoured iPod nano 4G

Rumours are flying about that Apple is set to release some new iPods at an upcoming September event. Evidence for the upcoming products is coming from a variety of sources.

Kevin Rose (of Digg fame) indicates that Apple will update both the iPod nano and the iPod touch. The nano will see a significant redesign while the touch will only see minor changes. Pricing is also expected to drop. iTunes 8 could also come out at the same time but it’s not clear what new features we can expect.

Other sources also suggest that the new iPod nano will return to its roots. According to iLounge, it is expected to leave behind the short and squat form factor in favour of a longer form factor. It will sport a 1.5:1 widescreen aspect ratio display (the current nano has a 1.33:1 ratio screen) with the click wheel positioned below. It will be possible to rotate the device to watch videos.

The event is rumoured to take place on September 9th.