Asus Eee PC S101 clears FCC

The ASUS Eee PC S101 is expected to be announced at an upcoming Eee PC family refresh as one of the new top models in the family. There had been some doubt that the S101 would even even be marketed as an Eee PC but the FCC documentation and pictures show it as such.

As is often the case, the FCC documentation reveals little else about the S101. But from what was revealed earlier, we know that the S101 will come with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor with 945GME chipset, a 10.2-inch LED backlit display, and options for either 32GB or 64 GB SSDs. It will be no thicker than 21 millimeters (0.83 inches). It will also feature a glossy finish and will be available in white or brown.

The Asus S101 Eee PC is expected to be announced this month with prices running between USD$699 for the 32GB version and USD$899 for the 64GB version.

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