Asus Eee PC Tablet coming?

Asus may be getting set to unveil an Eee PC tablet according to a report in In an interview with the site, Asus Australia national retail manager, Emmanuele Silanesu, indicated that the Eee PC division of Asus was considering other form factors. One such design could use a touchscreen display and it could be revealed as early as the Computex show in June in Taipei.

Asus has already announced that it will grow its Eee brand to include desktops and televisions. So a tablet PC would not be be completely unexpected. But Silanesu also warned that the branding of the upcoming device is still undecided. It may yet end up as something other than an Eee PC. Perhaps an Asus R2?

With every new iteration of the Eee PC, the price has gone up. If a tablet Eee PC does get announced, it will be interesting to see what it sells for.

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