ASUS planning new market segments for Eee PC

ASUS Eee PC 1000

ASUS company president Jerry Shen has revealed that ASUS is planning to segment its Eee PC lineup into three series to target different users. With models already announced, the Eee PC family will grow to more than 20 models! A leaked Eee PC roadmap provides some more information on specific upcoming models.

All the models released to date fall into the Smart Casual line. The line is intended as a second PC and for kids, students and travelers. The line also includes the upcoming 701SD (a 700 series Eee PC with 30GB hard drive and slightly different form factor) and the 900-30G.

The first new line to be introduced will be the Pro Fashion family. Focused on vertical markets such as insurance salesmen, editors and journalists, it promises to be Precise, Mature and Fancy Touch (No, I’m not making any of this up!). It will be comprised of new Eee PC 1000 variants as well as the mysterious T101.

Finally, there will be the Ultimate family aimed at the Elite and Travel Explorers. The line promises to be exquisite, slim and light. Two models, the S91 and S101 are to be offered in this family. Like the PRO Fashion family, these will feature dual-core Atom processors and more storage (either 120GB hard drives or 32GB SSDs).

The first of these new Eee PCs (the specific model number is unknown) will be introduced in September and will offer a 10.1-inch widescreen LED backlit display. It will sell for somewhere between USD$700 and USD$900.

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