BlackBerry Storm pricing rumours for Bell and TELUS

RIM BlackBerry Storm

It looks like pricing for both Bell and TELUS on the upcoming BlackBerry Storm has been revealed in two separate leaks.

TELUS could offer the Storm for CAD$299.99 with a three-year service contract, according to The Boy Genius. Prices would rise to CAD$549.99 and CAD$599.99 with a two-year and one-year contract respectively. Price would top out at CAD$649.99 with no contract.

Meanwhile, Bell pricing for the Storm may have been revealed by one of its dealers. A screenshot of a Baka Wireless store page (no longer available) shows the prices as CAD$479.95 with a three-year contract, $529.95 with a two-year contract, CAD$629.95 with a one-year contract and CAD$699.95 with no contract.

Any takers out there at those prices?