CDMA version of HTC Touch HD on the horizon?

HTC Touch HD

Someone claiming to work in an HTC “repair/order/design” facility apparently decided to reveal quite a bit of information about some issues and development that the company is working on. The original PPCGeeks thread is now closed but WMExperts have a summary of some 50 pages of posts!

One interesting revelation is that HTC is considering bringing a CDMA-variant of the HTC Touch HD to the U.S.. A prototype was built using parts from a CDMA HTC Diamond and re-flashing the ROM.

The posts also touch upon a number of topics including the delays in shipping the HTC Touch Pro for Sprint. Essentially, a new ROM was needed to address a number of issues, including both camera and GPS lags, and a control PAD malfunction. Other topics include an upcoming ROM update for the Sprint Diamond, confirmation that Verizon will offer a crippled HTC Touch Pro (slower processor and less memory), and more.

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