Europe adopts DVB-H as its mobile TV standard

The European Commission announced today that it has added the Digital Video Broadcasting Handheld standard (DVB-H) to the EU List of Standards.

An EU-wide adoption of DVB-H will provide operators/industry with the necessary market scale to launch mass Mobile TV services across the EU. A European common standard will also benefit consumers, who will be able to watch TV on their own phones or mobile devices at any time, anywhere across Europe. After publication of the Commission decision in the EU List of Standards in the EU’s Official Journal, Member States will be required to encourage the use of DVB-H.

One reason for the adoption of DVB-H is that it is currently the most widely used mobile TV standard in the European Union with commercial and trial deployments in 16 countries. Commercial DVB-H is already available in Italy and is expected to launch in Austria, France and Spain among others by the end of the year.

The European Commission expects that some 500 million people across the world could be watching mobile TV by 2011.

Source: Electronista

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