Fido helps customers get rid of landlines with new UNO mobile service


Fido, a Rogers Communications Ltd. subsidiary, has announced a new service called UNO which should help customers get rid of their landlines faster.

Fido UNO works by connecting calls from a specially-enabled handset to a high-speed Internet connection when at home and through the Fido network when on the go – offering simple, seamless mobility and the ultimate in converged communications convenience. Customers now have the freedom to talk as much as they want on their Fido phone while at home without using up their wireless plan minutes and all the benefits of a mobile when they’re not.

UNO uses a high-speed Internet connection and an optimized voice router to improve indoor reception to provide calls over Wi-Fi when available. Based on UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access), it allows calls to switch back and forth from GSM to Wi-Fi seamlessly as the user roams in and out of Wi-Fi range. Customers get the benefit of having only one phone number, one voicemail and one bill.

Only one handset, the Nokia 6301, is currently offered but additional models should be offered in the near future.

Fido UNO is available for CAD$15/month with unlimited local calling or CAD$20/month with unlimited local and Canadian long distance (in addition to current voice plan charges).

Rogers Wireless offers the same service under its own brand as well. Called Rogers Home Calling Zone, it uses the Nokia 6086 handset.

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