Free Windows Mobile 7 smartphone with Windows 7?

Register Hardware reports that Carphone Warehouse is considering a promotion that would bundle the upcoming Windows 7 operating system (and successor to Microsoft Vista) with a smartphone powered by Windows Mobile 7. This suggests that both upcoming desktop and mobile operating systems would be released on the same day. Register sources indicate that the promotion would run in September or October 2009, dates that align with those of other rumours.

The promotion would be offered in the UK, possibly through the company’s new electronics stores. Other details about the promotion are slim at this point. It’s not known whether Microsoft is directly involved in this promotion, what mobile phone could be bundled with the desktop OS, or whether similar promotions would be offered outside the UK. Register Hardware conjectures that such a bundle could be quite expensive and might only be offered on a limited basis (eg, first day of Windows 7 sales or to a limited number of customers).

Microsoft released an early version of Windows 7 during its latest Professional Developers Conference which wrapped up last week.

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